5 Compliance Projects Gone Terribly Wrong

Tips From ExpertS to Get Compliance Programs Back on Track

Matt Kelly

Editor & CEO of Radical Compliance

Aaron Kraus

Director of GRC & Security for Reciprocity

Dave Schmoeller

Head of GRC Services for Reciprocity

Dave Driggers

GRC Expert for Reciprocity

With limited budgets and resources dedicated to GRC, the margin for error is slim. Yet even the pros have bad days.

Watch our roundtable conversation between Matt Kelly, Founder of the popular blog Radical Compliance, and three Reciprocity GRC experts, in which they commiserate about projects that have given them heartburn and headaches. Not only will you hear about what they've learned from the projects that didn't work out as expected, you’ll get expert recommendations for when you find yourself in a project that's turning sideways.

This is a can’t-mission session for anyone managing a growing compliance practice. Watch it and learn:

  • The importance of selecting the right tools
  • About starting small to chip away at larger goals
  • To use data to drive decisions
  • How to demonstrate the value of compliance to the business

Duration: 54min