A Beginner's Guide to Standing Up Your Risk Program

Matt Kelly

Editor & CEO of Radical Compliance

Gerard Scheitlin

GRC Expert for Reciprocity & founder of RISQ Management

Changes in technology and the business environment have expanded the risks that can negatively harm your organization. As a result, the need for an effective risk management program has soared up the priority list for CISOs, CROs, and CIOs.

If your organization is in the process of standing up their first risk program, or planning to, you won't want to miss this presentation. You will learn:

  • The right definitions for the right terms (you’d be surprised how many people think they have it right but don’t!)
  • What an appropriate risk structure looks like and how to correctly score and measure your organization’s risk
  • The first steps to take when building an enterprise risk management plan

Duration: 53 min