Real World Perils of Manual
GRC & What to Do Instead


Matt Kelly

Editor of Radical Compliance

Scott McCormick

CISO at Reciprocity

Dave Schmoeller

Director of Solutions Marketing at Reciprocity

Let’s face it: we all know manual processes are cumbersome. But did you know they can also be costly to your organization? And if you do — are you prepared to move towards a more automated GRC program?

Join Matt Kelly, Editor of Radical Compliance as he talks with a panel of GRC, audit and information security experts about the pitfalls, perils and lessons learned when managing compliance programs.

The panel discusses how to use automation to create the right foundation for a repeatable and successful process, including:

  • Five shortcomings of manual processes and spreadsheets
  • What to consider when assessing alternative solutions
  • Key capabilities that speed setup, adoption, evidence collection and tracking
  • How ZenGRC streamlines the process — and sets you up for GRC success!

Estimated time: 56 min