Demystifying PCI: The Different Standards & When They Apply

Our expert answers all of your questions about PCI's ever-evolving standards and confusing guidelines.

Alan Gouveia

GRC Expert for Reciprocity

If you currently run a PCI program, you know that there are numerous standards and that these standards evolve over time. So how do you know which standard(s) apply to your business? Or are you new to PCI and unclear of what you need to implement for your business?

The large library of requirements can seem daunting, and determining which assessment method would apply to your organization can be confusing, but we can help.

GRC expert Alan Gouveia will demystify PCI. He will cover the different standards and assessment methods and advise on how to determine what is necessary for your business.

Key takeaways from the discussion will include:

  • The different standards for PCI and when they apply to an organization
  • How to know if these standards apply to your business
  • The meaning of DSS and when to go beyond it
  • How merchant levels work and assessing PCI compliance

Duration: 36 min