Get Ahead of Your Audit Process


Dave Schmoeller

Director of GRC Services, Reciprocity

Emily Betz

Cyber Security Compliance Manager, Beeline

When you’re running a compliance program, audits come with the territory. Costly and time-consuming, you want to make sure you get your audit right and deliver successful results.

But what will make your audit successful? Have you defined the goals you need to achieve? How do you avoid the pitfalls of evidence collection black holes?

Watch this webinar hosted by Reciprocity GRC Expert Dave Schmoeller, joined by Beeline Cyber Security Compliance Manager Emily Betz, in which they address these concerns and many more. With vast experience overseeing the success of hundreds of audits across various industries, they know how to bring organization and intention to your audit process so you can better demonstrate to auditors that you’re ready, prepared and can deliver.

During this 45-minute session, they outline:

  • How to set up an audit to successfully meet costs, time and quality mandates
  • How to best plan, prepare and organize to meet your audit goals
  • How technology can deliver easier evidence collection
  • How to communicate the value, impact and results of an audit

Duration: 45 min