Protect Your Business from the Unexpected


When it comes to your IT infrastructure, you don’t want to leave anything to chance. Since disasters or service interruptions often hit when least expected, preparation is the name of the game. Should systems or networks go down, you need a policy in place to drive disaster recovery (DR) actions and be on the road to a smooth recovery.

Whether you need to enhance your existing DR policy or create one from scratch, our disaster recovery policy template will help you map out roles and responsibilities, procedures, training plans and other key steps to quickly recover disrupted systems and IT assets.

With the Disaster Recovery Policy Template you get:

  • A customizable policy to help define activities associated with the provision of DR plans and programs
  • Ready-to-populate sections to identify individuals active in DR efforts — stakeholders, business owners and third parties
  • The ability to easily incorporate links to existing DR-related documentation, such as incident response and privacy policies