Powerful Cybersecurity Lessons from the Movies


Nick Brown

Technical Product Manager at Reciprocity

Tricia Scherer

Technical Product Manager at Reciprocity

Forty years ago, Tron’s Kevin Flynn entered ENCOM’s mainframe computer to prove his boss stole his ideas. Today, stopping intellectual property theft is just as complex.

And in many cases?

Cyber thieves catch companies off guard: during a routine cybersecurity consult, one firm recently discovered China-sponsored hacker group APT 41’s years-long theft of fighter jet and missile blueprints.*

The case underscores the need for cyber risk visibility within every organization — including yours.

But why sit through another “boring” training, when you could take cybersecurity lessons from the cinema? Watch this on-demand session and see how to:

  • Investigate cyber risk better than John McClane
  • Gather James-Bond-level intelligence on risk’s business impact
  • Stay ahead of threats faster than Ferris Bueller escapes detention

Duration: 56 minutes