Stand Up Your GRC Program

Alan Gouveia

GRC Expert, Reciprocity

Mike Killinger

GRC Expert, Reciprocity

What framework should I be compliant with? Where do I start in setting up a GRC program for my organization? Do I need specialized technology?

If you find yourself asking these questions, you will definitely benefit from the first installment in our ‘Back-to-Basics’ sub-series of webinars, focused on helping compliance and risk practitioners build their skills and progress their programs more quickly to the levels of more mature and advanced organizations.

Reciprocity GRC experts Alan Gouveia and Mike Killinger will cover the basic steps you should consider when beginning a GRC program and starting corporate infosec policies.

You will gain these insights and more:

  • How to select a core compliance framework
  • Guidance for leveraging a common control set
  • Identify when you need a GRC tool and how to vet a vendor
  • Building a case for GRC priorities to upper management

Duration: 56 min