Assess Your Enterprise Risk Management Maturity in 6 Simple Steps


Is your organization losing contracts because you’re not compliant with relevant regulations?

Are you concerned about the security of your data now that your employees are working remotely?

These are red flags of an ad-hoc risk management program. Such an approach to enterprise risk management can threaten your strategic business objectives and scalability.

Assessing your enterprise risk management maturity is the first step to understanding its risk appetite and devising a plan for managing, mitigating, and eliminating threats to your revenue, potential competitiveness, cybersecurity, compliance, and reputation.

Use this 6-Step Risk Assessment to simplify the process, so you can optimize your enterprise risk management program and position your organization to achieve the highest risk maturity score (177-220):

Step 1: Risk Identification
Step 2: Risk Assessment
Step 3: Risk Appetite
Step 4: Risk Management Capability
Step 5: Risk Culture
Step 6: Risk Reporting

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