Close the Back Door! 5 Ways to Reduce Third-Party Risk


Meghan Maneval

Director of Technical Product Management at Reciprocity

The connections and dependencies between organizations and their employees, partners, suppliers and customers, creates significant opportunities for bad actors. Whether a breach, ransomware or other risk, bad actors are increasingly using partner ecosystems to gain access to your information and disrupt operations. According to a recent study by KPMG, third-party risk management is a strategic priority for 85% of businesses.

Traditional approaches for ensuring your third-parties fulfill their obligations are woefully inadequate — and your compliance and even company reputation can hang in the balance. You need the ability to quickly assess potential third-parties and focus on key areas of concern BEFORE onboarding. Continuously monitoring for changes within current vendor relationships will keep you ahead of threats.

In this expert session, Meghan Maneval — Director of Technical Product Management and a member of Reciprocity’s GRC Expert Team — will discuss:

  • Why third-party relationships introduce high risk to your organization               
  • 5 ways to reduce third-party risk
  • How cybersecurity risk ratings can complement your risk mitigation efforts

Duration: 59 minutes